Quote of the Week – 23 Feb

For most of my life I would wake up on a Monday morning and think crap its Monday again. Anyone who asked my how I was going would get a grumpy its Monday, I hate Mondays.  I did hate Mondays, WHY, because right from the moment I woke up all I could think about was how much I hated Mondays.

2015-02-15_coach_ed_the_motiv8r_44It has taken me a long time to realise that I hated Mondays, because I wanted to hate Mondays.  My whole week would start on a negative note for no other reason than I wanted to be negative, and it set the tone for the whole week.  I have slowly come to the realisation that Monday is just another day where I have an opportunity to achieve my goals.  I wake up now, on Mondays and every other day of the week, thinking what am I going to achieve today, and with that thought I start the day looking to take one more step towards my goals.

What are your thoughts which are holding you back from achieving your goals?


Cyclone Season – TC Marcia

It is easy to forget sometimes how powerful Mother Nature can be.  The Australian Bureau of Meteorology started to monitor a Tropical Low on 16th February, which formed into Tropical Cyclone Marcia on 18 February.  TC Marcia underwent rapid intensification as it approached the Australian Coast, with TC Marcia being upgraded to a Category 5 servere tropical cyclone prior to making landfall.

Marcia 2015 track.png
"Marcia 2015 track" by Keith Edkins - Created by Keith Edkins using Wikipedia:WikiProject Tropical cyclones/Tracks. The background image is from NASA. Tracking data is from NOAA.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

TC Marcia crossed the coast near Shoalwater Bay in Central Queensland at 08:00 AEST (local time) on 20 February 2015.  TC Marcia continued to head south, reducing in intensity now that the cyclone was over land, to cross over Rockhampton around 13:00 AEST (local time) as a Category 3 cyclone.

The satellite imagery above shows how beautiful these types of systems are when looking at them from a distance.  It is easy to forget just how powerful Mother Nature is.  A tropical cyclone is classified as Category 5 when it has sustained wind speeds over 200 km/hr (107 kt) and wind gust over 279 km/hr (151 kt).  By the time that TC Marcia reached Rockhampton it had weakened to a Category 3 system.  This meant that the sustained wind speeds of between 118-159 km/h (64-85 kt) and wind gusts of between 165-224 km/h (90-121 kt).

The video taken a Gracemere near Rockhampton gives you a small feel of the destructive power that is contained within a Tropical Cyclone.  A quick perusal of Facebook or a quick search on google will provide ample imagery of destructive path that TC Marcia has cut across Central Queensland.

During the night, as TC Marcia continued on her path down the Queensland coast, the cyclone continued to weaken until around 01:00 AEST 21 February she was downgraded a tropical low.  While this means that we will no longer get the sustained destructive winds of a Tropical Cyclone, those of us still in ex-TC Marcia’s path still have some significant rainfall to look forward to.  With server thunderstorms and potential flash flooding forecast for areas on South East Queensland today.

We hope that our family, friends and the locals of Central Queensland made it through the cyclone safely with minimal property damage.  We hope and pray for the safety of our fellow residents of South East Queensland who may be affected by todays weather stay safe and dry.

Kung Hei Fat Choy

May you be Happy and Prosperous

My wife is Chinese, from the Guangdong Provience, so the Chinese New Year is of special importance in our house.  We had planned to attend the Celebrations at the Chung Tian Temple, a local Buddhist temple here in Brisbane.  As the rain set in yesterday afternoon, a change of plans was called for.  A quick trip to the local asian markets, followed by a couple of hours of my wife in the kitchen and we had our own banquet to celebrate the start of the Chinese Year.

Home made spring rolls, Peking Duck and sweet n sour pork.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year.

How do you celebrate the significant occasions during the year?

Why use a personal trainer?

A couple of weeks ago a wrote an article about my Health and Fitness, in this article I mentioned that one of the steps I took towards achieving my goal was joining a gym and getting a personal trainer (PT).  Today I want to spend a little more time looking at why I find having a PT is an invaluable resources for me in my journey.

Some of the reasons I use a PT include:

  1. Improving overall fitness: before joining the gym and getting a PT my exercise regime was solely involved walking.  While a good start my PT is interested in improving my cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination.
  2. Reach a healthy weight: the main goal when I started this journey, my PT has helped me set realistic goals, provided me guidance on tracking and recording my food intake, provided an overview of good nutrition and provided me with encouragement and accountability.  It is amazing how powerful it is to have someone who asks you regularly how your food intake has been.
  3. Focus on unique health concerns: When I started this journey I had some level of fitness from the walking I was doing, but due to being exessively overweight my overall fitness was atrocious.  My PT developed a series of programs which started with building up my strength.  A great example was how I was introduced to the deadlift.  Just managing to lift the barbell (20kg) was a great effort and I would exhaust quickly.  These days I have worked up to a personal best of 130kg, I would never achieved this without the structured training program, slowly addressing my weaknesses and developing my overall fitness.
  4. Learn new skills: Besides introducing me to new exercises as part of my programming, my PT is a great resource. If I read about or see someone performing a particular exercise I can ask him about it, what are the benefits, would it be useful for me and most importantly how to perform the exercise safely and for the most benefit.
  5. The commitment: Just having commited to meeting someone at a set time, twice a week is great motivation in itself to train.

While the reason why you use or don’t use a personal trainer is individual for each of us, I know for me at this stage of my journey having a PT is essential for me to reach my goals.

Do you use a personal trainer?

Motivational Quote for the Week – 20150216

In the short time that I have been writing this blog one theme would have become evident, I like my motivational quotes.  Starting today, I am going to post my motivation quote of the week.  That is not to say that if I see others during the week I will not write another post, or if I come across an interesting person like Elbert Hubbard or Eddie Harris Jr I will still write a longer piece.

From the Success_Ideas instagram feed, this weeks motivational quote:

It is so easy to just think about what we want to do, what we want to achieve, what we want to have, that sometimes we forget to actual start down the path of achieving our goals.

Think about one goal you have, now do one thing today which moves you closer to that goal…

Motivation of Coach Ed the Motiv8r

A while ago I came across Eddie Harris Jr who goes by the moniker of “Coach Ed the Motiv8r”. “Coach Ed” introduces himself as

A father, brother,son,husband and former Marine…

I specialize in Personal Development Coaching, Mental Edge Sports Coaching, Motivational Coaching, and Stress Management Coaching.

I am a minister and motivational speaker. 

But most of my life, I’ve been a failure and loser.

He states that his motivation and purpose is:

One man on a mission to help as many people as possible to live a happier, healthier and more empowered life.

Through his blog and social media Coach Ed shares his thoughts and motivational quotes.  A selection of his posts that I found of particular value and interest for myself include:

If you are interested in finding out more about Eddie Harris Jr you can check out his blog Live Forward or follow his instagram feed coach_ed_the_motiv8r.

A final word from Coach Ed

My goal is simple. Help others.