Quotes from John McGrath

Recently I had the opportunity to hear John McGrath founder and CEO of McGrath Estate Agents speak. John has taken the company from a lounge room start-up in 1988 to one of Australia’s most successful residential real estate groups. Along the way he has become one of the preeminent bussinessmen and speakers in Australia.

From personal success and motivation through to sales and business success and strategies John McGrath is a passionate and dynamic presenter. John has five books that have reached bestseller status including “You Don’t Have To Be Born Brilliant” and “You Inc.”. In “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate”, John shares with the reader his invaluable knowledge on the Australian property market.

John’s speaking engagements over a range of topics including:

  • Excellence in Selling
  • Peak Performance Strategies
  • Positive Mental Attitude – the difference between winning and taking part
  • Taking the lead – the relationship between strong leadership and peak performance
  • The Internet & Technology – the Hottest Sales Tools this Century
  • Making the Transition from Good to Great
  • Creating a Personal Blueprint for Success

There are a number of quotes that have been attributed to John McGrath over the years. A selection includes:

Everyone in the world has 24 hours at their disposal each day.  What sets apart the highest achievers is what they do with that time.

Beware the dream takers.  Don’t let the dream takers spoil your journey.

Accept that some people will cheer you on and others will not.

At no stage did I ever doubt I could create a world-class business. Uncertainty never entered my mind. The only thing I focused on was ‘How can I improve what’s been done, and when can I start?’

Break down dreams into bite sized chunks.

The best cure for fatigue is to have lots of projects that you’re passionate and excited about.

The key to a good business plan is brevity.

One of the greatest mistakes I see many businesses making is trying to be all things to all people.

For every problem there are multiple solutions.

I find it’s not necessarily about getting the best price – it’s about the perception of achieving the best result.

The biggest obstacle to achieving success is your own negative self-belief whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re probably right.

Are you living in the place where you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work, on purpose?

Begin with the end in mind.


We are talking about your future

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Better Business Summit in Brisbane.  This was a one day event aimed at helping small business owners develop their businesses.  Their was a number of speakers talking on topics ranging from motivation, social media, networking and future proofing your business.  Over the next couple of weeks I will write about some of my key learnings from the summit.

The final session of the summit was about future proofing your business.  It was given by Matt Church founder of Thought Leaders Global; a couple of quotes of Matt’s which I found particularly interesting were:

We are talking about your FUTURE

The amount of information is doubling every 2 years!

One of the main themes of Matt’s presentation was about Investing in Yourself.  Matt recognised that most of us are time poor these days and that we struggle to find the time to invest in ourselves.  In particular most of us find it difficult to put the time aside to read a non-fiction book on a regular basis.  Matt proposed the following system which required a smaller investment of time, but potentially would allow us to have at least a rudimentary understanding of 52 new books each year.

The system Matt proposed was:

  1. Join an book abstract service (key is to let them choose the abstracts)
  2. Coffee appointment with yourself each week.  Set aside 15 minutes to read this weeks abstract
  3. At the end of each month choose one of the four abstracts and get it as an audiobook.
  4. Listen to the audiobook over the course of the next month
  5. Every second month choose one of the two audiobooks and get it in hard copy and put it on the shelf.

For a small investment of time, you end up with a high level understanding of 40 books, read 12 and put the most relevant 6 for you on your bookshelf for future reference.  It is easy to see that by following this system, you (I) could become more knowledgable over a wider range of topics than if we just went out and bought the books which took our fancy.  By the very nature of the process (by letting the abstract service choose the abstracts) you are presented with new topics to read that you may not have considered in the past.

There are a number of book abstract services available these days.  Generally they operate off as a subscription service and each abstract is approximately 8 pages long.  The services that I found in my research included

I personally elected to go with Blinklist, their service offering aligned best with my needs.  The link for Blinklist will give you a two week trial of their services if you are interested.

For the audio books, I went with Audible.com.  I already had a subscription so that aspect of the plan was already in place. For the final step purchasing a hard copy of the book, I am going to use my local bookstore, given both of the other services are based overseas, I am looking to support at least one business in my local community.

While I have only implemented this system in the last week, I am excited to see what new books and topics that I end up reading overtime. Oh well, I guess it is time to read the next abstract in my queue.


This post started life as a comment on the Desk Community Forum.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted to this blog, and ironically a comment by John Saddington on the Desk Community Forum about having a Rough Week resonated with my journey over the last couple of weeks. While I wouldn’t describe those weeks as rough, they have been hectic, very hectic. It has meant making some decisions around what is important for me to be spending time on. Unfortunately it did mean that for a short while this blog became a casualty of life.

That is not to say that the last couple of weeks have been doom and gloom, actually they have been some of the best weeks since I became a small business owner, I got my first two clients (the hard work is starting to show some fruit), attended a number of seminars/workshops and either joined or participated in a couple of networking groups.

Simply put life got very busy.

What more can I ask for than to be busy doing what I love, while learning how to do it better and meeting new and interesting people, people on a journey similar to mine, at the same time.

It has meant that I’ve had to reevaluate what is important on a day to day basis, so that I am spending my time on what matters most to myself, my business and my family. One thing that came out of my reevaluation is that this blog and what I am learning from the process of writing and sharing matters.  It matters a lot.  

I plan on writing about some of the things I learnt, and the changes that I am making to my life over the coming weeks.

Quote for the Week – 2 March

We all have heard the saying “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”, this has to be one of the most stupid sayings ever.  We can always learn something new.  We should be striving to improve ourselves all the time.  Whether it is reading the news paper, learning a new skill or travelling somewhere new, the possibilities are endless. Which brings me to this weeks Quote of the Week.

What are you doing to improve yourself? What new trick are you learning? What do you want to learn?

It is never to late to invest in yourself and to expand on your knowledge.  On that note and seeing a new month has just started.  Here is a bonus