Motivational Quote for the Week – 20150427

Way too often in life we want our plans to be perfect before we put them into motion. Why, it could be fear of failure or rejection or as simple as not wanting to move out of our comfort zone.

The key to achieving our goals is to get started on the path. We are all going to make mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward. In the end if you don’t start you are never going to achieve anything.

Wayne Gretzky the Canadian ice hockey player summed it up best

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

What are you going to start today?


Saturday Morning Ritual

A while ago I wrote about our families Sunday afternoon ritual, our other main ritual most weekends is to visit the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea to get our fresh fruit and vegetable for the week. There is something special with buying your fruit and vege at the markets, it is not just that the produce is fresher, it is the atmosphere, the energy of the place.

After a short while you start to get to know some of the stall holders and before you know it they start to become friends that you look forward to seeing each week.

In a short space of time you start to find which stalls have the produce that you want and like. You may buy your potato from one stall and your greens from another, and yet another is where you go for your fruit.

There is one particular stall which specialises in Asian vegetables which we frequent each week, the produce is always fresh, and we know that it will usually keep for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator, meaning that there is rarely any spoilage or wastage.

One of my highlights is catching up with either Paul or Liam from Saintsational Sausages. They have gluten, preservative & MSG free gourmet sausages, and some of the flavours that Paul has come up with, hmmm delicious. If you are in the Rocklea area, I high recommend getting a pack from them, you will not be disappointed. (also check out their facebook page for other markets that they are at around Brisbane and the Sunshine coast)

Finally if you have bought all this wonderful produce and your wondering what to do with it all, check out Geoff’s Kitchen for some wonderful ideas. (Disclaimer Geoff happens to be my little brother, but even with that handicap the food he produces is wonderful)

The burger pictured above is the “Saintsational” Gourmet Lamb Rissole, Fresh Basil, Tomato, Sautéed Mushroom, Cheddar, Cos, Hot Sauce, Toasted Brioche and is not for the faint hearted. For some wonderful gormet reciepes, explained in easy to follow steps go check out Geoff’s Kitchen.

I can hear the family stirring, so it is time to get ready and head off to the markets. Hope you have a wonderful day, because I know my day is going to start off with some wonderful fresh produce and an enjoyable stroll through the markets. Have a great weekend.

All of the photos used in this post where sourced from the respective facebook pages of the Brisbane Markets, Saintsational Saugages or Geoff’s Kitchen.

Motivational Quote for the Week – 20150420

Like most people for a long time I looked at success as a goal to be achieved. As child you are told to “study hard and to work hard to be successful”. When I first heard the above quote it was a profound moment, with the realisation that success was not a goal but was about the journey to achieving your goals.

There is a lot writen on the process of success, one summary which I particularly like and which resonates with me is a blog post by Sean Smith Success Isn’t a Mystery, It’s a Process. Sean summarises the process as:

  1. Define yourself 
  2. Set concrete goals
  3. Know in your heart that you can succeed
  4. Force yourself to act
  5. Help others along the way

This is not the one and only way, it is just the process which resonates with me at this stage of my journey. In the end we each have to find what works for us, what processes help us to achieve our goals. And in the process success just happens.

Filling in time

Today is a day of errands and phone calls. The calls are not going well, though a have had a number of deep and meaningful conversations with voice mail services. 

The errands are going better, I have just completed a very productive meeting with a coffee shop owner. He agreed to allow me to put some magazines in the shop which advertise my business. Next on the list was a haircut…

This morning I wrote a post about how difficult I am finding to build a new habit around my blogging.  So I am sitting here looking at my phone and contemplating what to read next. When I realised just because I need to build a new habit around blogging, consistently and routinely allocating time to my writing, that doesn’t mean I can’t use these odd moments during the day to put some words down. 

I am slow on the uptake at times, but I am coming to realise that while the routine is important so is taking hold of the opportunities which present themselves. So on top of committing to a new habit, I am also committing to using those opportune moments during the day. 

Anyway got to go. My turn…

Difficulty with new habits

I have been a little quiet on this blog over the last couple of weeks, I have been making some changes in my life and I am having some difficulty in building the new habits to support everything that I want to do.

I normally wake up between 5 and 5:30 in the morning, have done for years. When I made the decision at the beginning of the year to start blogging on a regular basis, I just made working on the blog the first task of the day. I would spend about an hour either writing or reading other blogs. After that I would start getting ready for the day.

About 4 weeks ago, I started making some changes to my daily routine. I joined a new gym, one which is open 24/7, and I made a commitment to myself to go each morning Monday to Friday first thing. The plan is to get up at 5am and be at the gym around 5:15am (the gym is nice and close to home), get in a half hour cardio workout and some stretching before heading home (and a relaxing shower). I am pleased to say that for the last 3 weeks I have been able to achieve this, and I am well on the way to getting the new morning habbit in place.

Unfortunately what this has meant that the time which used to be allocated to blogging is now spent at the gym. I have been struggling to find a new time each day to commit to my blogging and more importantly to form a new habit. My commitment to blogging has not changed, but I know that I am a creature of habit. If I am going to do something and do it regularly, it has to be part of a routine.

As the quote above says, Plan A is not working, but there is 25 more letters in the Alphabet. I don’t know what Plan B is yet, but I will work it out in due course and then start about forming a new habit to support my blogging going forward.