Difficulty with new habits

I have been a little quiet on this blog over the last couple of weeks, I have been making some changes in my life and I am having some difficulty in building the new habits to support everything that I want to do.

I normally wake up between 5 and 5:30 in the morning, have done for years. When I made the decision at the beginning of the year to start blogging on a regular basis, I just made working on the blog the first task of the day. I would spend about an hour either writing or reading other blogs. After that I would start getting ready for the day.

About 4 weeks ago, I started making some changes to my daily routine. I joined a new gym, one which is open 24/7, and I made a commitment to myself to go each morning Monday to Friday first thing. The plan is to get up at 5am and be at the gym around 5:15am (the gym is nice and close to home), get in a half hour cardio workout and some stretching before heading home (and a relaxing shower). I am pleased to say that for the last 3 weeks I have been able to achieve this, and I am well on the way to getting the new morning habbit in place.

Unfortunately what this has meant that the time which used to be allocated to blogging is now spent at the gym. I have been struggling to find a new time each day to commit to my blogging and more importantly to form a new habit. My commitment to blogging has not changed, but I know that I am a creature of habit. If I am going to do something and do it regularly, it has to be part of a routine.

As the quote above says, Plan A is not working, but there is 25 more letters in the Alphabet. I don’t know what Plan B is yet, but I will work it out in due course and then start about forming a new habit to support my blogging going forward.


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Husband, father, amateur photographer, rugby and cricket tragic (opps sorry I meant fan), small business owner and now blogger. This is not going to end well..............

2 thoughts on “Difficulty with new habits”

  1. I understand that one! I started running again at the beginning of the year, and decided to dedicate more time to a pet project of mine, so my mornings went all crazy. For me, I simply split out the days. M/W/F for blog/coding, T/Th for running (until I get up to three days a week). Maybe it’s worth considering something like that.

    Best of luck!


    1. Sean, thank you for the supportive words. It’s about finding the right balance between competing priorities. At the moment the need to loose weight and develop the business are my top priorities. Just need to find the balance so that the other goals like blogging don’t wither away.

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