Developing a Referral Strategy

This is the second post in the series looking at Networking and Referrals. The series is based on presentation by Ron Gibson of Go Networking that I recently attended.

This post is going to look at a series of questions to ask yourself when you are developing your networking and referral strategy.

  1. Who am I having an early morning cup of coffee with? Hint everyday of the week
  2. Who am I having lunch with? Hint at least once per week
  3. Who am I having breakfast with? Hint at least twice per week
  4. Who am I having a beer with?
  5. Where am I doing your networking before 9am and after 5pm?
  6. What am I going to do this afternoon to earn the next referral?
  7. Who would it be enjoyable and helpful for my business to re-establish contact with? The worse thing to do is to loose contact with a client. The next post will provide a simple but powerful method of reconnecting with old contacts.
  8. Who am I going to give a referral to tomorrow?
  9. Who am I going to write a recommendation about on Linked-in or Facebook? Write genuine testimonials and recommendations.
  10. Who is on my conversation list? Talk to 1 person each day off your conversation list.
  11. What two speaking engagements am I going to talk at in the next 60 days?
  12. Who am I going to write an article/blog post for?
  13. Who am I going to ask for feedback from on my service?
  14. What two organisations am I going to investigate and get involved with?

Conversation List

Your conversation list should include a minimum of 30 people that you know. The list will provide you with focus, direction as to who you should be talking to on a daily basis. Who should you include on your coversation list?

  • People who in the past have provided referrals
  • Past clients/customers
  • Friends and colleagues
  • People of influence with your target market

These people will provide you with the majority of your referrals, but what should the list look like?

The list could be a page in your diary, an a4 sheet of paper or a spreadsheet. Whatever your preferred format is, the list should have 4 columns;

  1. First and Last name
  2. Telephone number / email address
  3. Something personal. Childrens birthdays, favourite sports team, favourite pastimes etc
  4. Frequency to reach out.

Don’t waste peoples time – this is why 3) is so important. When you call someone on your conversation list, you will have a starting point for your conversation which is relevant to the person you all calling.

The next post will look at a very simple but very effect re-connection process.


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