Sunday Exploring Seaworld

We recently bought an annual pass to Seaworld on the Gold Coast and today was the first chance we had to go enjoy our passes. While we checked out a number of the exhibits, the main attraction for the day was to watch the Dolphins put on their show.

It is always enjoyable to watch the dolphins having fun.

The dolphins were not alone in having fun.

JJ thought the show was wonderful, and was laughing n squealing along with the dolphins antics.

The look on this trainers face as he was riding the dolpins around the enclosure, you just know he has found his dream job.

Unfortunately all too soon the show was over.

But seeing as our passes will last for the next 13 months, I am certain that we will catch the show again once or twice. However before leaving JJ decieded that he better try on a hat to see how it suited him.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, until next time.


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Husband, father, amateur photographer, rugby and cricket tragic (opps sorry I meant fan), small business owner and now blogger. This is not going to end well..............

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