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At just before 10am on 22nd July 2013 JJ was born, no longer was I just a husband I was also a father.  My goals and priorities for life changed that morning, but first a little about myself:

Hi, I’m Brendan.  I was born on the Gold Coast and grew up predominately in country Queensland, we moved once or twice (okay 7 times before I left home).  I’m the oldest of 5 children who along with my parents live in Brisbane (okay if you want to be technical two of my siblings live in Ipswich).

I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) and spent the best part of 20 years working within the mining industry, in Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.  In particular I spent numerous years working in Broken Hill NSW.

Along the way I completed a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. There has always been a passion for money management and finance, probably got that trait from my father.  This year I completed a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

As I mention at the top, my goals and priorities for life changed when JJ was born.  I had no interest in returning to the mines and missing JJ growing up. Family is and has always been very important to me, my major regret working in the mining industry was the distance between where I was working and where my family lived.

After some soul searching and reflection, I have decided to follow my passion and start my own business as a finance consultant speciallising in credit advice.  If you are interested you can find out more here or on my business blog, The Credit Score.

I explored some of the reasons why I am writing this blog here.

What type of articles can you expect in here?

  • My photography – I am an ametuer photographer, this blog will allow me to explore how my photography has improved over the years and my progress with mastering new techiniques both in camera and within photoshop.
  • Cricket and Rugby – The two sports that I am most passionate about. I may from time to time discuss how the Aussie Cricketers or my beloved QLD Reds are performing.  Unfortunately you want find much on the Wallabies, but I leave that discussion for another day.
  • Travel – My wife and I love to travel, and we have dreams of so many places to visit.
  • JJ – Given how I started this about, you new it was coming, there is going to be a post or two about JJ, fatherhood and the enjoyable road that we are on.
  • Personal stories – I started this blog to improve my writing skills, and what better topic to write about than the one I know best me. What topics move me, my goals, achievements, likes or dislikes.

What is in it for you the reader?

I don’t know, but join me on this journey and we will find out together. This blog is only just starting (I am writing this About page on day 6 of the blogs life). Where will the blog end up? What topics will be covered? At this stage I do not know, and without a doubt it will mature, develop and change as I progress on this journey.

At this stage I know I am starting with 3 people reading my posts, mum (hello mum), my wife and JJ (unfortunately JJ is only interested in the photos). I am hoping you will join them and me on this journey.

JJ & Daddy


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