Sunday Exploring Seaworld

We recently bought an annual pass to Seaworld on the Gold Coast and today was the first chance we had to go enjoy our passes. While we checked out a number of the exhibits, the main attraction for the day was to watch the Dolphins put on their show.

It is always enjoyable to watch the dolphins having fun.

The dolphins were not alone in having fun.

JJ thought the show was wonderful, and was laughing n squealing along with the dolphins antics.

The look on this trainers face as he was riding the dolpins around the enclosure, you just know he has found his dream job.

Unfortunately all too soon the show was over.

But seeing as our passes will last for the next 13 months, I am certain that we will catch the show again once or twice. However before leaving JJ decieded that he better try on a hat to see how it suited him.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, until next time.


Fun With Bubbles

Recently my wife took JJ out for an afternoon walk and play in the park. Add in some bubbles…

The joy that our children get from something as simple as chasing bubbles around a park. That is what life is about.

Sunday at the beach

JJ had a wonderful afternoon yesterday playing at the beach.

It was a wonderful afternoon, with the weather perfect for enjoying the surf and the sun.

JJ’s initial reaction was not positive.  He did not like the soft sand under his feet.

But after some mummy time, look at the surf it was not long before JJ was ready to explore the beach.

However JJ did not have it all his own way

Surf 1 – JJ 0

But after all that fun it was time to go

Hope you had as wonderful a Sunday afternoon as JJ did.

Bedtime Routine

We have got into a regular routine with JJ each night.  We don’t have any hard and fast rules as to when he should go to sleep each night, but base that around how tired he is.  As a result over the last couple of months I would say he has gone off to sleep anywhere between 5pm and 11pm on any given night.  Generally speaking he is ready for sleep and usually goes off to sleep without any hassles around 9 to 9:30.

Dinner time
To eat your dinner properly it has to end up in your hair…

As I said at the start we have a regular routine.  After dinner (and the resulting mess, daddy I can feed myself…) its bath time.  While this occasionally means a shower with either mummy or daddy, most nights it is a bubble bath.  Key ingredients for bath time is the aforementioned bubbles, toothbrush (but toothpaste tasks yuck so we need to mix that with some bubbles), toys, cups (always need cups how else will the water get out of the bath) and lots and lots of splashing.

After the excitement (and splashing) of the night time bath its time to slow down (yeah right dad…).  This is the time of day we allow JJ to watch his shows on the iPad.  Of late his preferred shows has been nursery rhymes.  With the nursery rhymes in the background, JJ usually has his night-time milk and plays with his toys.

Night time milk drink
How said you cannot be cool while drinking milk?

I must admit my wife and I get a lot of enjoyment each night watching JJ wind down.  He loves interacting with the little boy in the mirror, trying on his hats or just playing with his toys.

Some nights he will just sit on the bed and watch his shows and other nights he will be climbing up over you and down the other side, why because he can.

Cool kids
Checking out the cool kid in the mirror

There comes a time each night when you know he is ready for sleep.  It may be he has climbed up into your arms and is cuddling in (not a regular occurrence but always enjoyable when it happens).  Other nights the toy box is dump over and toys start flying everywhere and then there are other nights he just lays down on the floor.  The cues is often different but the meaning is always the same, I want to go to sleep.

And here is probably the easiest part of the nightly routine, we turn off his light, shut the bedroom door and lay down on JJ’s bed with him.  JJ will often climb over you a couple of times, get out of bed and check that his night time drink is in the right spot, but usually after 5min or so he will cuddle up against you.  Most nights within 10 minutes he is sound asleep.

The final part of the nightly routine, is usually mummy waking up the older of her two boys and sending me off to my bed…

What time is it?

This morning I was sitting downstairs, typing away on the laptop, when I realised something was not right.  You see I am an early riser, any given day I am usually up about an hour before JJ wakes up.  Typically somewhere around 6 to 6:30 in the morning I hear his little feet hit the floor upstairs.  That gentle patter as he goes in search of his drinkie or mummy and daddy or just off to see what mischief he can get into.

Well this morning, as I said, I was typing away and something was not right.  It was so quiet and peacefully. It was 7:30, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was not playing on the TV, then it hit me, I was still sitting by myself.  I had not heard those little feet, had I missed something, had he awoken and had I been too engrosed in my work to notice.

Sleeping beauty

Nope our little man was sound asleep, I guess I should enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

Sunday Afternoon Ritual

Everyone has their own Sunday afternoon ritual, it could be an afternoon nap, watching the game on the tele, catching up with some friends at the pub, doing the housework, then list is endless.  For my family our Sunday afternoon ritual is to go for a walk.  I have always loved walking, it has been (and still is) my favourite form of exercise.

The family walks started before JJ was born, my wife found that it helped her relax during the pregnancy.  Particularly when we drove down to the Gold Coast so that we could stroll along the beach and breathe in the fresh sea air.  My wife loves the beach, but that is a story for another day.

After JJ was born we settled into a routine of going for a family walk on a Sunday afternoon.  One of the nice aspects of our Sunday afternoon walks is that we explore new places to walk.  Most Sundays we hop in the car after lunch and head out to somewhere nice or new for our walks. It has allowed us to explore different parts of Brisbane (with the occasional trip to the coast for the mandatory walk along the beach thrown in for good measure).

Along with the exercise and enjoying each others company the walks also allow me to indulge in my passion for photography.  Usually I will have my camera dangling from one hand (I prefer to use a hand strap when we are walking as opposed to having the camera dangling around my neck and bouncing off my chest each step).

Yesterday afternoon was our first Sunday afternoon walk in a while.  A combination of commitments over the Christmas/New Years period and the weather (it has been very hot and humid here over the past month) has kept us from our normal ritual.  Yesterday was no different, it was hot and humid, but instead of staying at home in air conditioned comfort we headed out to one of the larger shopping centres and walked there in air conditioned comfort instead.

JJ thought it was a wonderful idea and promptly went to sleep, he had the best part of a two hour nap as we strolled around the centre.  My wife though it was a wonderful idea, as she got to do some shopping while getting in the family walk. Me I was enjoying pushing JJ along and spending time with my family.

I can hear those little feet on the floor upstairs and it is time for me to go play daddy again.  Before I go, one final thought, it was good to get back into to the swing of our Sunday afternoon ritual, I hadn’t realised that I had missed it until yesterday afternoon.

What is your ritual, do you have one?